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Emergency Communication

Emergency Alert System

The Emergency Alert System (EAS) is an alert tool that can rapidly disseminate emergency information to the general public. It can be initiated by local, state and federal officials. A national EAS alert may be activated during a national crisis, by the President of the United States. A local EAS alert may be activated in response to local events such as severe weather, floods, industrial accidents, civil disorders, or any event that poses a danger to life or property. The Amber Alert is part of the EAS system and is initiated by law enforcement.

The EAS utilizes radio and television broadcasters to relay emergency information to citizens. These messages interrupt programming on local television and radio stations and provide viewers and listeners with warnings and instructions on how to react in the event of an emergency.

Emergency Alert System - Local Area Plan website

Emergency Notification System

The Emergency Notification System (ENS) is another mass notification service available to emergency management officials. During an emergency or disaster, it enables emergency management officials to contact hundreds or thousands of affected individuals in a specific area within minutes because of its high-calling capacity and the accuracy of its geographic information system mapping and database.

The ENS can be activated by designated emergency management officials of a city, county or other jurisdiction. An ENS message, which includes a warning and instructions for residents, is created and sent immediately to phone numbers in the area of an emergency. When citizens in the area receive the call, a recording will give them important directions that may include evacuation, shelter-in-place, or other instructions.

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